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Work from home selling one good professional personal & commercial PPE mask to family, friends and businesses across all industries online and offline.


The Global Face Mask market size is a whopping 74 BILLION USD market.

Covid-19 has caused over 195 MILLION job losses worldwide.

Therefore, we all need more jobs, opportunities, household-income and ways to make a living full or part-time worldwide.

Let’s partner and make money TOGETHER online and offline.

Are you a stay-at-home mum, blogger, YouTuber, social media influencer, website owner, baby-boomer, generation X, sales professional or just great with sales and people?

China supplies most of the world with PPE face masks and clothing wear. Most facial protective masks are disposable, and this creates the need to always REPURCHASE masks costing men, women, parents and businesses more covid-19 PPE CASH/MONEY. PLUS a huge strain on the environment with more waste and dumping issues worldwide.

This is why we have designed and created a better way to purchase a non-woven, non-shrink, re-usable, re-washable, 100% WATERPROOF protective, PPE, facial mask.

Our professional, commercial, stylish, waterproof mask is also designed for industrial strength and durability. This all helps SAVE the environment from excess waste of trash or dumped PPE facial masks on streets, in rivers and sea’s worldwide.

How Much Can You Earn?

Imagine spending 80.00 GBP to buy 10 masks and we give you TWO FREE and you retail all masks for 10.00 GBP; that means you have just earned 20% or 20.00 GBP on your business investment.

Imagine another scenario where you approach a business owner who has 10 staff who all need one good mask. That is potentially 10 masks sold on one visit. What if the employer has 20, 30, 40 or 100 staff? This is the business potential online & offline.

Imagine another scenario a family of 3, 6, 10 people, they all need to wear masks right? That is a potential sale of 3-10 masks. And why not recruit some to work from home and earn extra cash or income?

Imagine another scenario you are a blogger, you—tuber or social media influencer you have 10,000 followers. If just 3% of your followers purchase that is 300 people x 10.00 = 3,000 GBP and you can Earn 10% commission of unit product price x sales totalling around 300.00 GBP for this example. In many countries this is a month’s salary in one day or week. No BULK order commission will be paid out until after 30 days, due to online scams and chargebacks we are not fools.

Or how many people do YOU see around you online and offline wearing cheap disposable face or facial protective masks, they will likely keep RE-PURCHASING facial masks, costing them more cash or money long-term? They need one good, professional, WATER-PROOF, re-useable, re-washable face mask.


One good mask or one facial so the world can save PPE money and cash long-term. Also which bank gives you 20% interest on your investment or money?

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Show us you are keen, reliable, professional, determined and we will supply, partner, freelance, independent direct-sales, hire or work with you worldwide online or offline.

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